Jacques Palut

Spring rolls and vegetable salad
Pancake with vegetables, fried shrimp
Asian noodles
Salmon ravioli and green apple
Veal chop, potatoes and shallots, meat juice
French foie gras, green apple and toast
Saint-jacques scallops and chorizo chips
Oysters on a plate
Foie gras, beet veil and green salad
Chicken fillet, polenta and figs
Maki in a Japanese restaurant
Sardinian galette
Fish, pepper and cabbage
Shrimp, chips and truffles, tomato sauce
Bagel with ham and sauce, vegetable salad
Orange soup, vanilla ice cream and chocolate
Table set up for un great banquet
Cheese, ham, salad and drinks in a French bistro
Meringue, biscuit, figs and vanilla cream
Asian dish with rice, shrimp and egg
Japanese noodles with tofu, pork and vegetables
French foie gras, watermelon juice and cake
Egg mousse, polenta, corn and mashed olives
Cod fillet, toast and vegetables
Cooking pork tripes in a French bistro