Jacques Palut

Bordeaux docks
Bordeaux Opera and Colonne of Girondins
Wrought iron gate in a park
House in Luberon, Provence
House in Montauban, France
Old bridge in Bordeaux
Door knocker of a French mansion in Bordeaux
Old houses in Bayonne, France
Old stairs in a French mansion
Stylish kitchen in a French house
Tram rails on a bridge in Bordeaux
Pillars of the lift bridge in Bordeaux
Facades of Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux
Eiffel bridge near Bordeaux
Old houses in Sarlat, Perigord, France
Versailles gardens
Old barn in Landes, France
Facade of old palace in Bordeau
Door of old church in Bordeaux
Stylish building
Stylish upstair in a French mansion
Residence in Arcachon, France
Old but modern
Movie street
Charmin Bed & Breakfast in St. Emilion, France